Mayor slams election vandalism

Calling recent incidents of election-related vandalism unacceptable, undemocratic and appalling, Mayor Jeff Lehman urged Barrie residents not to let such behaviour stop them from voting in the Oct. 6 provincial election.
“I hope the police are successful in bringing these people to justice,” he said at the end of tonight’s (Monday) general committee meeting. “Don’t let any of these incidents inhibit anyone’s participation in the election.”
Liberal candidate Karl Walsh released a statement late last week detailing more than 40 incidents of serious property damage at homes displaying his campaign signs.
“This kind of vandalism and intimidation has no place in our communities. It’s not the Ontario way,” he said.
Walsh said the damage has resulted in some people being intimidated into not placing his signs on their lawns. However, other calls have come in asking for larger signs to replace smaller ones, and to get initial lawn signs, he added, “sending a clear message that we will not be intimidated.”
Walsh said he was “deeply saddened” by the vandalism but that his campaign will move forward.
Barrie police have two officers on the case – Detective Mclean and Constable Butler. Reach them at 705-725-7025, ext: 2126, or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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