Mary Street to go both ways

Downtown roadwork will require the conversion of Mary Street from its current designation as a one-way northbound route to a two-way road, general committee has being advised.
The two-way designation is required because the ongoing work is going to result in the closing of Dunlop Street to traffic, from Mary to Toronto Street, denying access to that street.
“To facilitate the temporary closure of Dunlop Street West and the detouring of traffic, the engineering department intends to temporarily convert Mary Street to permit two-way traffic as part of the detour plan, pursuant to By-law 2005-256,” Wendell McArthur, director of engineering, tells general committee in a memo.
The work will require that section of Dunlop to be closed from Sept. 7 through to December, council is advised. By-law 2005-256 provides approval to temporarily close roads for construction.
Parking metres on Mary Street will be “bagged” and taken out of action. Signs indicating the temporary status of Mary will be erected, along with local-access-only signs at the intersection of Mary/Ross streets.
Roadwork is taking place on Toronto Street, from Dunlop Street to Ross Street, and on Dunlop, from Toronto to Mary. Road closures allow for local access to homes and businesses.
The downtown roadwork is part of the Canada – Ontario Infrastructure Stimulus Program. Committee is being advised that the contractor “has been working diligently to stay on schedule in order to meet the deadlines imposed by the contract and the deadlines associated with the Infrastructure Stimulus Funding.”

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