Libs fund summer jobs for Barrie teens

Youth identified as being from “high-needs neighbourhoods” in Barrie and other Simcoe County communities are getting some hands-on work experience, including a placement with the Barrie OPP detachment.
Part of the province’s Youth Opportunities Strategy, 12 local and county youth will have job placements at local businesses, non-profit agencies and the Barrie OPP.
The program, seven weeks in duration, is structured to provide youth with the confidence and skills they will require as they move into the workforce, according to a release from Barrie MPP Aileen Carroll’s office.
“Our government continues to reach out to young people through this, as well as a wide array of initiatives, to improve outcomes in education, health and well-being so they can succeed,” said Carroll.
For youth working with police, the program will introduce them to services from traffic to forensic identification. As well as skills development, the program is aimed at fostering a positive relationship between police and youth.
The program is part of the government’s overall youth strategy
“Getting that all-important first summer job is critical. We’re helping young people across the province so they can gain valuable work experience, building their resumes and increasing their self-confidence,” said Laurel Broten, Children and Youth Services minister.
According to government numbers, the program makes more than 4,300 summers jobs available to youth aged 14 to 18 in 33 communities across the province. The jobs pay a minimum of $10.25 per hour, the highest minimum wage in the country.

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