Lehman joins mayors’ auto summit

Mayor Jeff Lehman is joining with his counterparts from across Ontario to organize an automotive policy summit next year.
The summit will focus on reenergize Ontario’s auto industry, with a particular emphasis on businesses in communities across Ontario supporting the industry, organizers, including Lehman, say.
“Barrie has several important employers that are part of Ontario’s auto sector. I’m pleased to be part of co-ordinating efforts across a number of cities to support jobs in the auto industry, and I think Ontario’s mayors are ideally positioned to do this.”
The mayors are in agreement with the following recommendations:
• Request the creation of a Premier’s Auto Champion – an official in the Premier’s Office to champion an enhanced auto strategy for Ontario. This representative will work in collaboration with relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment.
• Request that the mayors be represented in strategic auto policy groups, including the Canadian Automotive Policy Partnership and the Canadian Automotive Partnership Council, to formulate coordinated policy positions.
• Launch auto sector awareness campaign – work with other levels of government to increase awareness of the strategic importance of the auto sector to the Ontario and Canadian economies.
The mayors met recently in Oakville to hear industry experts discuss the economic outlook and importance of the auto industry to Ontario’s economy. The experts stressed the need for Canadian auto production to keep pace with global sector growth and to manage the regulatory impact on competitiveness.

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