Lame-duckers wrapping it up

It was the first council date since the municipal election, and a time to say hello to incoming members and goodbye to those departing.
There’ll be a few new, but familiar, faces around the council table, when the new council takes office next month. Until then the old guard will have a chance to say their farewells and good lucks.
The new team will include a new mayor in Jeff Lehman, a new Ward 1 councillor, Bonnie Ainsworth, a new Ward 8 councillor, Jennifer Robinson, Doug Shipley, who beat Rodney Jackson in Ward 3, Peter Silveira in Ward 5, and a new Ward 9 councillor, Brian Jackson. Neither Ainsworth or Jackson are new to municipal politics; Ainsworth sat around the Barrie table when municipal politicians were still called aldermen, and Jackson is the mayor of Innisfil, at least for another month.
Soon to be gone will be Mayor Dave Aspden, Ward 1 councillor Michael Ramsay, who ran for mayor and not for re-election in Ward 1, Ward 8 councillor Jerry Moore, who didn’t run for re-election, and Andrew Prince in Ward 9, who was defeated by Jackson.
As perhaps to be expected, the outgoing council has taken on the mantle of a lame-duck assembly, foregoing discussion and action on the more pressing issues, leaving all of that until the new council is sworn in the first Monday of December, which will be Dec. 6.
With not much to do, proceedings were wrapped up early Monday night, with the chambers emptying around 8 p.m. There will be a meeting next Monday, and another on Nov. 29, one week before the new council is sworn in Dec. 6.
Tonight, council dealt with some minor parking issues, the safe handling of propane, and community safety zones. Don’t expect much in the way of excitement in the waning days of this council, unless there are a few see-you-later speeches next week.

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