Kid on his own

Someone was missing some precious cargo on the weekend, which caught the attention of a passerby, and eventually, Barrie Police.
A four-year-old boy was seen wandering the streets around Anne Street and Dunlop shortly before noon Sunday, by himself and without shoes on, at a time when snow flurries were flying in some areas of Barrie and the weather was quite cold.
Police found out that the kid had walked out of his nearby apartment while his babysitter was asleep.

Scary, children, scary!

Not all the goblins were out trick-or-treating on Halloween weekend; some were behind the wheel in a frightening state.
One was found passed out Saturday morning on Mapleview Drive, approaching Huronia Road, having crossed the median. His girlfriend, the passenger, turned the wheel in time to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle, before the car left the road and hit a tree.
She was taken to RVH and treated for minor injuries. Her 19-year-old beau – having by then come to – blew twice the legal limit at the station. His G2 licence is suspended for 90 days, and he faces a court date, charged with having alcohol in his system with said G2 licence, not to mention the impaired charge.

Pedestrian struck

Sunday, someone’s luck was not so good. An east-end pedestrian was struck just after 2:30 a.m. by someone with too much hooch in his system. No word on the victim’s health. But the driver faces an over-80 charge, and had his licence suspended for three days.

Booze, words harmful combination

A man was taken in custody for reportedly getting physical with his girlfriend over the weekend. Police were called by a neighbour Saturday to a spot downtown where it appears the woman and her significant other had been up all night drinking and arguing. Voices got raised, as did fists, and she got hit around the eye, causing bruising and swelling.
Besides the assault count, the man is also accused of violating his probation, and was held for a bail hearing.

S-h-h-h, I’m wasted!

When you go to the library, you’re expected to keep your voice down, but a man was too sozzled Sunday afternoon to heed that protocol.
Employees at the Barrie Public Library say the man was making so much noise and disturbing readers that they decided to give police a buzz.
He was hauled in and held in a cell for his own protection until he sobered up. No word on what he was given to read.

by Glenn Wilkins

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