He wasn’t screaming over the prices!

by Glenn Wilkins

A man with an alcohol-fueled rage took out some of his aggressions Tuesday night. Police got the call about 7:15 to a supermarket at Yonge and Big Bay Point to find the man picking fights with shoppers, kicking in the front windows and generally causing chaos.
He then made his way to the nearby drug store and did more of the same. Officers pulled him aside as he tried to leave, on charges of public intoxication. He didn’t hurt anybody, and was held at the station until he sobered up.

In other police news:

Accidental fire…

Police and fire crews were called to Bingham Court, in the Tollendal Mill and Minet’s Point area soon after 9 p.m. Tuesday, to find a house filled with smoke.
They soon cleared the smoke and determined there was no damage done. Apparently, the culprit was faulty wiring.

… and one that wasn’t

An overnight fire at a shed on Bradford Street had police and fire crews suspicious. They got the call soon after 1:30 Wednesday morning, to find the shed ablaze.
No immediate word on damage figures, but it appears no one was hurt. Still, police are going on the assumption the fire was deliberately set.


Someone was sneaking around a couple of neighbourhoods and taking what wasn’t theirs Tuesday.
One incident took place shortly after 9 a.m., at a firm on Ferndale Drive, which was relieved of some chainsaws and power tools. Police are looking at surveillance tapes.
Meantime, during the afternoon, a house on Gore Drive near Ferndale and Ardagh was ransacked. Forensic officers were on the scene, and police were trying to find possible surveillance materials to see what they would yield.
Lastly, someone made their way into a bakery on Brock Street near Tiffin and Anne Streets before 4 a.m. Wednesday, made off with an air conditioning unit before fleeing. Police are still looking for the robber or robbers.

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