Firm brings job fair to Southshore

Local job seekers are invited to a job fair to explore employment opportunities with HGS Canada, which is looking to staff a prospective 500-worker site in the Barrie area.
The job fair is planned for January 18 and 19 at the Southshore Community Centre, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. The event is part of the company’s site-selction process. If Barrie is selected hundreds of new jobs would come to the area, says Mayor Jeff Lehman, including frontline, business support and management level positions.
“This is a great opportunity for Barrie and we are delighted to be part of HGS Canada’s selection process,” says the mayor. “HGS would be an excellent addition to our employment landscape and getting people to come out to the job fair will be critical in showing that we have the required workforce to meet and support this potential new employer.”
HGS Canada is actively looking to expand in Ontario, and has identified a number of potential sites.
“We have been looking at a number of potential new locations, but the response we have received in the area so far has been very supportive,” said Ross Beattie, President & CEO – HGS Canada. “Our team is looking to meet many skilled people to help us in our selection process. Although we are a global company we pride ourselves on being very open, honest and community minded. Anyone wanting to find out about us should visit our website to get a flavor of what we are about.”
The company has a significant presence in Ontario, operating sites in Thunder Bay, North Bay, and Belleville. It offers a variety of services, from technical support, inbound sales, customer care and loyalty programs, for its clients It employs more than 2,500 people at 10 sites in Canada. HGS Canada is part of HGS Global Solutions, which has sites in 42 countries, employing 21,000 employees worldwide.
The job fair is an opportunity for local residents to find out more about the company and its employment opportunities, says Hany Kirolos, the City’s director of economic development.
“We are encouraging all levels of qualified applicants, including customer support agents, supervisors, trainers, recruiters, HR, IT support and site management to come to the job fair … to learn more about HGS Canada and meet with the company’s representatives. Our target is to have over 2,000 applicants submit resumes.”
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