Extra federal gas tax money fuels additional roadwork in Barrie

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If it seems as if there is a lot of roadwork happening in Barrie this summer, don’t discount your observations, because there is lots of what city staff like to call pavement management taking place.
The City’s Road Resurfacing Program covers projects that were approved for 2019, but other locations have been thrown into the mix from a one-time increase in the Federal Gas Tax amount that Barrie receives.
The original amount of $3.6 million allocated to road surfacing this summer has been augmented by an additional $3.5 million from the federal tax plan, Kelly Oakley, manager of planning and asset management, informed council in a memo.
Resurfacing roads is advisable at some point between initial construction and eventual replacement, as it reduces the overall amount needing to be spent on roads, says Oakely.
“Pavement preservation activities are often equated to fixing the roof on your house. Replacing the shingles at regular intervals prevents water from getting into the house structure, which could cause expensive structural damage. Appropriately timed preventative investment in roads keeps water out of the pavement layers preventing cracks and defects from forming.”
Roadwork initially budgeted for include:
• Burton Avenue, Milburn Street to Garden Drive
• Yonge Street, Garden Drive to Big Bay Point Road
• Eccles Street, Wellington Street to Dunlop Street
• Cheltenham Road, Johnson Street to Penetanguishene Road 
• Hurst Drive, Bay Lane to Cox Mill Road.
Roadwork under the new federal gas tax money include:
• Collier Street, Mulcaster Street to Blake Street 
• Essa Road, Ardagh Road to Veterans Drive
• Mulcaster Street, Penetang Street to Dunlop Street
• Steel Street, Duckworth Street to Blake Street
• Yonge Street, Montgomery Drive to Mapleview Drive.
The Cheltenham, Eccles, and Steele work will include bike lanes. For more on this, click here. The federal gas tax provides about $2 billion annually to more than 3,600 communities across Canada.