Earth moves in Barrie

Tweets go round as quake hits region

Did Barrie just experience an earthquake? If not, something sure caused the earth to move around 1:45 p.m.
For about 15 seconds a low, rumbling sensation, sort of like a building vibrating as a train went by at close quarters, caused people to stop, look at each other, and ask if that was an earthquake.
Minutes after the ‘shake’ the tweets came fast and furious, confirming it was not a figment of someone’s mind, or a result of the night before.
“Insane tweet volume right now. Amazing what a local earthquake can do.”
It seems the sensation was widespread.
“Wow – earthquakes in Barrie, Toronto, Montreal Ottawa. What a weird feeling.”
“That was … creepy. I’m seriously not freaked out by much, but that did it.”
“I felt the earthquake right now. My friends are telling me they felt an earthquake in Ottawa too.”
“That’s kind of odd. I’m in San Francisco but there’s an earthquake in Ontario?”
According to reports, the Geological Survey of Canada, Canada’s premier agency for geo-scientific information and research, issued a release confirming a 5.5 quake, with its epicenter on the Quebec/Ontario border, north of Ottawa.

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