Don’t flash your wallet!

With Christmas just around the corner, police are urging shoppers to refrain from leaving their wallets out in plain sight. Officers are reporting a slew of thefts of wallets and purses from shopping carts, at Wal-Mart stores locally.

As that’s where most folks keep their I.D., any thief could use those documents, which just increases the headaches.

Also, you’re reminded to keep your car locked and take your keys, if you’re leaving your goods in the car while shopping at other stores.

HEAT takedown

Three men have been hit with multiple charges, including theft and possession of stolen property. Members of Barrie Police’s High Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) executed a Criminal Code search warrant Monday at a business in Oro.

HEAT officers launched the probe after numerous complaints of newspaper boxes being broken into, not only in Oro (along Highway 11 and 7th line) but also within Barrie.

The three will be in court in December.

In other police news:

Domestic tantrum

Concerns about how a former spouse was looking after a man’s kids sent the man off the deep end Tuesday.

Police were called to a house on Varden Crescent near Blake and Shanty Bay Road, where the man was found out of control, and arrested not only for his temper, but outstanding recognizance violation charges.

He was taken to the station, thereafter to Central North Correctional Facility after his surety was revoked. He’ll need a new bail hearing in the near future.

Two hurt in crash

A two-car collision, just a spit away from the cop shop, resulted in injuries and charges Tuesday morning.

Officers were called to Bell Farm Road and Duckworth Street, where one occupant of the cars had an injured leg, while his female fellow traveler needed an ambulance. Fortunately, the injuries were not life-threatening.

No word yet on who ended up being charged.

by Glenn Wilkins

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