Demolition of former inn and restaurant/nightclub signals first phase of Kidd’s Creek project

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The demolition of the Knights Inn and Sticky Fingers restaurant and bar is set to begin next week as the City begins the first phase of the Kidd’s Creek Culvert Replacement construction project on Dunlop Street.
The first stage of the project includes demolition of the buildings on the site at 150 Dunlop Street. The buildings are scheduled to be demolished beginning Aug. 21. The demolition part of the project will take about two months. There are no road closures required for the demolition.
The Kidd’s Creek Culvert Replacement project will allow for an open channel design both north and south of Dunlop Street between Eccles Street and High Street which will reduce the potential for flooding in this area, which supports the City’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.
The area of Dunlop and Bradford streets sees significant flooding as a result of undersized channels and culverts, according to the City, which is working to reduce the potential of flooding by upsizing culverts, and where possible, eliminating culverts altogether by creating natural channels (daylighting) so they can handle major storm events including 100 year flows.
The creek flows from headwaters near Cundles Road, through Sunnidale Park and downtown Barrie to Kempenfelt Bay. When the rain is heavy, Kidd’s Creek overflows, causing flooding. 
The site may also be used to accommodate parking, according to City Hall, which may serve the new Fisher Auditorium theatre and event centre planned for across the street.
The new creek “channel will take up a significant portion of the property where Knight’s Inn currently exists. There will be sections of the property that are not required for the channel proper but will still be within the flood plain and the LSRCA’s regulatory limit. 
“This restricts most uses on the property, however daytime-only parking will be allowable (no overnight parking), and some 120 parking spaces will be constructed in land that would otherwise remain unusable for other purposes.”
The Knights Inn was also home to a number of people needing housing accommodation. Media reports state new accommodation was arranged.
For more information about this project, visit the Road Construction Projects page on the City’s website.