Curtain falls on 2006-1010 council

The last meeting of the current term includes the passing of a slew of bylaws and goodbyes to those who won’t be returning.
Council is set to adopt 21 bylaws, which should clear the slate nicely for the next council, set to be sworn in Monday, Dec. 6. The meeting will also see the presentation of council service awards to Mayor Dave Aspden, and departing councillors Andrew Prince, Jerry Moore, Rod Jackson, and Mike Ramsay.
Aspden was defeated in his bid to have a second shot at the big chair, and Ramsay is bidding farewell because he also went for the mayor’s chain of office, and as he was running for mayor, he couldn’t stand for re-election as Ward 1 councillor.
Prince and Jackson were defeated in their re-election bids. Moore declined to run for another term.
The general committee agenda is fairly heavy, with the acceptance of municipal services for a number of areas about for preliminary approval. They are: Swallow Glen subdivision, Jessica Drive subdivision, Nathan Crescent subdivision – phase 2, and the Country Lane subdivision.
By this action, the city “assume the streets within the plan of subdivision” conditional on certain legal requirements being met.
Letters of credit for varying amounts will be held by the city pending the completion of certain tasks.
For instance, with the Country Lane subdivision: “A Letter of Credit, in the amount of $60,702.12, be held until the completion of the one year maintenance period at which time a final inspection of the works, within and associated with this plan, will be performed with the developer.”
Other business including recommendations to approve grants to arts groups, an appointment to the Barrie Non-Profit Housing Board, implementing a paint-the-bins environmental program, a sign exemption for Park Place to permit the installation of two ground signs, and traffic safety concerns at the Good Shepard Catholic School.
An additional council meeting is planned after committee to wrap things up for the 2006-2010 crew.

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