County hails its Environmental Resource Recovery Centre as waste management’s future

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Simcoe County’s plan to build three new transfer stations to accommodate a shift from weekly to bi-weekly waste collection will cost over $6.2 million. Design costs for the three stations is estimated to come in at $185,000. It’s anticipated each station will cost $2 million to construct.
The stations are required, according to the County, because vehicles collecting waste on a bi-weekly basis will have double the load of trucks collecting weekly and will therefore have to empty more than once a day. Trucks on the weekly schedule can run the entire day before being emptied.
The trucks reach capacity part way through the day and will need to empty at a transfer station and then return to the route to complete collections. Since the county is geographically large, using one central transfer station … would cause significant off-route time, increasing costs for collections and possibly increasing the likelihood of the route not being completed. Organics collection will remain on a weekly basis.
“Our plans to introduce new transfer centres at current County waste management facilities also has the environment, as well as long-term cost savings in mind, as we look to reduce the number of trucks needed on the road each day, limit the kilometres these trucks have to travel to unload materials, and manage these services internally to avoid rising contractual costs,” said  Rob McCullough, Director of Solid Waste Management.
Currently, the County pays a private contractor to provide transfer services for curb-side collection. Creating its own infrastructure, the three transfer stations, and the planned Environmental Resource Recovery Centre (ERRC), will allow the County to provide collection services more cost-effectively and efficiently.
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