Council updated on project to enhance Johnson’s Beach

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 Johnson’s Beach in east Barrie is a favourite of residents and visitors seeking summer sun, sand, and surf fun.
Now, a project being planned by the City’s engineering department should add to the experience by extending the beach area.
In a memo to council, Angela MacLean, project engineer, said the department is completing the detail design for the Johnson’s Beach Enhancement Project.
“The beach area will undergo modifications to regain some additional area for beach use. The project will also ensure that there is an area for stormwater to flow properly to reduce the chance of beach washout,” she writes.
An information session on the project is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 16 at the Parkview Community Centre, from 5-8 p.m. A letter is being mailed to agencies, businesses, property owners, and tenants who may be interested/impacted.
Back in 2016, changes were made to the outlet of the storm sewer that moves through the beach area. “A rock-lined overflow channel was installed so that if the inlet to the storm sewer became blocked, the overland flows would not washout the beach,” the letter reads.
“Since the modifications there have been no issues with the overland flows on the beach, however changes to the design are necessary to regain some of the beach area.”
Highlights of the project include: Changes to the curb in the existing parking lot, removal of the existing rock channel, installation of a new overflow channel east of the existing rock channel, placement of sand in place of the existing rock channel.
The work is expected to take four weeks to complete, and will not require a beach closing. However, access to the parking lot will be restricted. The project is currently in the tender stage, and is about 30 per cent complete. Pending budget approval, work is set to begin next November.
“Daily access to the Yacht Club will not be affected, however movement of large vehicles in and out of the Yacht Club will need to be coordinated during the construction period.”