Council tackles code of conduct

The city’s elected officials are back at work Monday following a month off, and the first staff report at bat is a crack at adopting a code of conduct for council members.
Item CLK010-10 leads the general committee agenda, and includes a recommendation that the code become effective Dec. 1. If so approved, copies of the code are to be provided to each member of council, as well as associate committees.
Included in the report is a provision to appoint integrity commissioner who would:
• Provide council and committee members information regarding their obligations, as detailed under the code.
• Offer advice to individual members, as situations arise.
• Offer advice regarding policies and procedures that relate to the ethical behavior of members.
• Keep the public informed about the code and related duties of members.
• Investigate alleged breaches of the code.
• Provide annual updates to council on the commissioner’s activities.
Also on general committee’s agenda:
• Voting dates and hours – advance voting and reduced hours for retirement homes.
• 40 KM/H ‘speed zones’ at Johnson Street Public School and Holly Meadows Elementary School.
• Naming a street after Private Kevin McKay, killed in action in Afghanistan.
• Investigating traffic calming measures on Girdwood Drive and the south intersection of Carley Crescent and Esther Drive.
• Adding ‘Terry Fox’ to the list of street names.
Committee is scheduled to meet at 8 p.m. following the council meeting at 7 p.m.

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