Council approves new link over 400

Barrie city council this week approved plans to bridge Big Bay Point Road and Harvie Road with a link over Highway 400.
The crossing will have six lanes of traffic and one turning lane, for a total of seven lanes. The project will include provisions for possible future highway on and off ramps.
Despite strong public support for a full interchange, council supported staff’s recommendation to link the two roads with an overpass, at a cost of $15 million. A full interchange would have cost $30 million.
The project dates back to 2005, when the provincial ministry of transportation completed an environmental review of Highway 400 through Barrie, that concluded the highway should be widened to eight lanes from the city’s south boundary to Essa Road, 10 lanes From Essa to Bayfield Street, and eight lanes to the northern boundary.
The City has completed the first two phases of a municipal class environmental assessment, as part of the larger assessment for all highway crossings in Barrie. Phases three and four, which includes development and evaluation of designs, will proceed, with a design recommendation being prepared for council’s review and approval.
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