Council advised of new cannabis bylaw that expands type of production facilities

Wondering what the new era of legal cannabis might mean to you? The Barrie Police Service has released some details. Click here for a City Scene story.

City council was recently made aware of changes to the rules of cannabis production, coming from the repeal of the current licensing bylaw and replacement with a new one, the Cannabis Production Facility Licensing Bylaw.
“The new bylaw would incorporate legislative changes under the Cannabis Act that expanded the type of facilities authorized to produce cannabis, both medical and now recreational cannabis,” reads a Nov. 25 memo to council.
The new regime has been developed to incorporate the following:
• New and amended definitions which incorporate both the federal changes as well as recent changes to the City’s zoning bylaw.
• Expands the permitted licensing categories in accordance with the federal legislation to include various types of production facilities including but not limited to micro-cultivation facilities, medical production facilities and recreational production facilities.
For readers interested in more information on this, here’s a link to the memo.