Council adopts whistle ban

The early-morning call of the train as it pulls out of Barrie will soon be a distant memory as city council put an end to the long, emotional drive to silence the whistle.
Council, by the required two-thirds majority, passed Bylaw 145, in effect quieting the whistles in the morning, excepting for emergency situations as determined by the train engineer. The whistles will also continue to sound as the trains return to Barrie in the later afternoon/early evening.
Mayor Dave Aspden, Ward 2. Coun. Jeff Lehman and Ward 7 Coun. John Brassard voted against the ban, a stance consistent with their belief the ban represents unnecessary safety and liability risks for the city, which is required to assume all liability for accidents that occur at level train crossings in the city.
The construction of pedestrian barriers is also a requirement for the whistle ban. Tenders for the barriers are expected to go out in September, with work beginning in October.
For more on this story, see City Scene Barrie’s interviews with Brassard and Ward 10 Coun. Alex Nuttall.

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