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Public meeting held to hear rezoning application for high-density development in southeast Barrie

A public meeting was held tonight in council chambers to review an application to change the designation of 95.5 acres of land in south Barrie currently designated low and medium residential, open space and environmental protection area.
The developer is seeking to have the designation of the land changed to permit the construction of high-density housing, which the current designation does not allow.
The property is located within the Innis-shore Planning Area, and is legally described as Lot 16, Concession 12, City of Barrie; the municipal address is 700 and 725 Mapleview Drive East.
The lands are located on the north side of Mapleview, east of Yonge Street and the GO Train line.
The developer proposes to construct a variety of high-density housing, including street townhouse, four-plexes, six-plexes, maisonettes and a number of apartments varying in height from six to 24 storeys.
The meeting was held at 8 p.m., at the start of general committee.

Also on general committee agenda:

• There were three presentations: 1) Bruce Owen provided information on the 8th Annual Colours of Music Festival, planned for Sept. 24 to Oct. 3; 2) Eric Hodgins, growth management coordinator, had something to say about the planning principles for annexed lands; 3) Paul McIntosh, Thomas Brown Architects and Mick Caldwell, platoon chief, Barrie Fire and Emergency Services, addressed the planned Fire Training Facility.
• A range of locomotive-related items were also up for discussion, among them: pay-and-display alternatives for motorcycles and motorized scooters; traffic-calming methods (stop signs); pedestrian safety reviews; confidential property and appointment (Municipal Election Compliance Committee) matters; and a confidential labour relations matter regarding the compensation policy.

For general committee agenda, click here; for council agenda, click here; for circulation list, click here

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