Integrity commissioner gets nod

General committee adopts report on integrity commissioner without discussion

The push to appoint an integrity commissioner to sheriff the city’s new code of conduct for council took a step forward with former city clerk John Craig being tapped for the job.
General committee adopted a staff report that suggests Craig is the man for the task of keeping council in line in relation to matters of on-the-job integrity.
The role will come with a retainer fee of $1,000, and a billing rate of $125 an hour, plus expenses, with a cap of $5,000 in relation to providing training of council, board and committee members about provisions of the code.
Under the terms of the Council Code of Conduct, the commissioner will:
• Provide information to council/committee members as to their obligations under the code;
• Provide advice to individual members regarding specific situations as they relate to the application of the code;
• Provide advice to council/committee members on other policies and procedures that relate to the ethical behavior of members;
• Provide information to the public regarding the code and the obligations of members under the code;
• Conduct investigations regarding alleged breaches of the code; and provide an annual report to council on the commissioner’s activities.
The staff report also suggest the position be reviewed after 18 months.

Also on the general committee agenda:

• An application for a rezoning of the Harvest Bible Chapel, on Bayfield Street, from multiple residential (RM1) to Transition Centre Commercial (C2) – Special, to allow the site to be used as administrative offices for the Harvest Bible Chapel.
• A proposal to sent a letter to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario expressing council’s concern regarding the impacts of over-serving in licensed downtown establishments, and requesting additional enforcement liquor violations in the downtown core.
The report also suggest that the city clerk’s office investigate alternatives related to the review of future liquor licence applications, including the merit of establishing a Liquor Licence Review Committee, similar to that in the City of Kitchener, and report back to committee on the implications associated with any proposed change to the processing of liquor licences.

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