City says it’s not behind water ‘tests’

The City of Barrie is letting residents know that it is not involved with an apparent door-to-door campaign where it is alleged the City’s drinking water is being tested.
City staff has received calls from residents who have had individuals coming to their door making claims about water quality and/or asking to check water filters. These individuals are not connected with the City of Barrie.
“Regulatory sampling is conducted often on the City of Barrie drinking water system, however these samples are not obtained from residential home services,” says Sandra Brunet, Manager of Water Operations. “Whenever our Water Customer Services staff requires a residential sample from a home, they will do so by appointment only.”
The City would like to remind residents of the following:
• If a City representative needs to visit a residence or business, an appointment will have been mutually agreed upon in advance
• City employees will be carrying appropriate identification
• City vehicles will be used for service calls.
Barrie residents are encouraged to contact the Water Operations Branch at 705-792-7920 if any further clarification is required in identifying City employees. Any suspicious activity should be reported directly to the Barrie Police Service.