No online poll for GO station name

The City isn’t going online with a survey to establish a name for the new GO Train platform at the Allandale Train Station.
Staff had suggested the online survey be posted on the City’s website, with the results available in late March or early April. It was hoped the results would determine a preferred name from a list of options.
However, the suggestion was derailed after fears the poll could be highjacked by vested interests, or used to promote unrelated names, were raised.
Rather, a decision will be delayed until March and public input sought.
In a staff report to general committee, a number of names were presented for inclusion on the survey:
• Allandale GO Station: Honours the historic significance of the Allandale Station lands and community to this area and to the rail industry.
• Barrie Allandale GO Station: Highlights the historical significance of both GO Station communities to this area, and the rail industry.
• Barrie City Centre GO Station: Highlights to tourists and visitors Barrie’s downtown and waterfront.
• Barrie Waterfront GO Station: Highlights to tourists and visitors Barrie’s waterfront and the geographic location.
• Other: Permits respondents to suggest a station name not already listed.
The exercise will also allow residents the same opportunity to name the existing GO station in south Barrie. Suggested naming options are:
• Barrie South GO Station: The station’s current name. If the preferred station name for the other station has Barrie in it, then this name must change.
• St Paul’s GO Station: Honours the historic significance of the St. Paul’s community immediately south of the station.
• Painswick GO Station: Honours the historic significance of the Painswick community immediately north of the station.
• Other: Permits respondents a chance to offer a name not already listed.
For operational and safety reasons, both stations cannot contain the word ‘Barrie’ in their names, Gary McNeil, president of GO Transit, wrote in a letter to city clerk Dawn McAlpine last November. If the City wanted to include ‘Barrie’ in the name of the Allandale station, the name of the existing station would have to be changed.
He advised the City would be on the hook for the cost of changing the signs at the Barrie south GO station.

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