City deploys ‘ask-me’ ambassadors

City Hall is deploying a team of ‘ambassadors’ to answer questions about downtown and waterfront developments.
If a downtown or waterfront visitor has questions about parking or events, these ambassadors have the answers. The City, along with the Downtown BIA and Tourism Barrie, is introducing the Downtown & Waterfront Ambassadors pilot program. Ambassadors include marina staff, park patrol and bylaw officers.
“This pilot program is a unique way for the City to increase customer service and ensure residents and visitors have easy access to the information they need to enjoy our downtown and waterfront to the fullest,” says Richard Forward, General Manager, Infrastructure & Growth. “City of Barrie staff are already out in the community every day and are great informational resources. It’s really a win-win, residents get on-the-spot answers to their questions and the City gets to strengthen its personal connection with the community.”
City staff patrol the downtown area work to maintain pedestrian safety, enforce parking regulations and support a “shopper-friendly” business environment. For the summer months, staff will also be equipped with information about local events, tourist activities and general information to help ensure everyone’s visit to Barrie’s downtown and waterfront is enjoyable.
Ambassadors will be hitting the streets of downtown Barrie and the waterfront until the end of August. Look for their special ‘Ask me’ t-shirts and hats.