Keep bus drivers parked in ‘temporary’ lounge until transit move to Allandale Hub: report

Maintaining a temporary lounge for Barrie Transit drivers displaced from the second floor of the transit terminal during renovations to accommodate the Sandbox Entrepreneurship Centre will cost an estimated $7,200 through the rest of the year, according to a staff report to general committee.
The lounge was relocated to 39 Dunlop Street West last September, intended to be a temporary move until construction was completed. The centre officially opened on April 8. However, plans for the lounge have changed.
With the opening of the centre, “it has become clear that the logistics pertaining to relocating the (drivers’) lunchroom back to the second floor of the Transit Terminal would not be synergistic with the operations of the Entrepreneurship Centre, and is not recommended,” reads the report, prepared by Amanda Kelly, senior business innovation and entrepreneurship officer.
Eventually, the City wants to move bus operations to the Allandale Hub. “With the recently announced launch of the second phase of Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) program it is anticipated that submissions for funding for the Allandale Hub will be scheduled for late summer early fall,” reads the report.
“Subsequently, once funding is secured, an estimated date of completion for the Allandale Hub could be provided, which would then be the final location of the (drivers’) lunchroom facilities.”