Boy forgoes gifts for food bank donations

Editor’s note: a heartwarming release from the Barrie Police service

Barrie Police Service members are just like all other parents trying to raise good kids with values and integrity. So when one of our children says he would like to trade in the regular tradition of birthday gifts for food bank donations, it’s a big deal for parents.
One of our member’s six-year-old son, who is a little shy and wishes to remain unnamed, came up with this idea all on his own. When he had a chat with his parents about it they were thrilled but they had to ask where he came up with the idea. He said his friend had recently done this at his birthday party. Then the questions started flowing about what the food bank is, why do we need a food bank, etc. – and he was really intrigued with it.
A total of 190 lbs of food was donated on Saturday, an outstanding total. This is truly an example of how one good deed turns into another! Well done little man and happy sixth birthday.