Bayview Park’s future in the open

What’s in a name? Apparently, when it comes to Bayview Park, not much. However, in terms of designation, a great deal.
The park, a small strip of land between the retail development on the southeast corner of Mulcaster/Dunlop streets and fenced off private property immediately east, has been the subject of intense local discussion following a proposal to include a slice of the park in the footprint of a condo/retail project targeted for the Mulcaster/Dunlop lot.
The developer had sought a 75-foot strip, on which a gazebo and playground now sit, to include in the project. The park had been erroneously zoned commercial a decade ago, from an open space designation.
The proposal provoked negative reaction from residents of Bayshore Landing, a condo building across the street from the proposed site. Former mayor Janice Laking and alderman Sam Cancilla were among those opposing a height increase for the project, named Pier Village.
As originally proposed, the project called for the construction of an 11-story building with 98 residential units, and 1,730 metres of retail space. It required a number of zoning changes, including an increase from the current height control of 30 metres to 36 metres.
Council seemed to be in a supportive mood when the project was first unveiled in the fall. However, opposition around the sale of the land and a height increase from the current limit appears to have been effective. On Monday, councillors sidelined the matter, beginning the process of moving the zoning back to open space. That process includes the scheduling of a public meeting to gather input.

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