Barrie’s MPP Carroll calls it a day

Politician who has represented the city municipally, provincially and federally says she plans to retire, and will not run again

Aileen Carroll, current MPP for Barrie, former provincial and federal cabinet minister, as well as a Barrie alderman (councillor), will not be running in the next provincial election.
“It has been a great privilege to serve the people of Barrie at Queen’s Park and engage the numerous issues that impact their lives and the well-being of our community,” said Carroll.

MPP Aileen Carroll, who has represented the city municipally, federally and provincially, says she will not run in the next provincial election.

The MPP says that during her time serving the city at Queen’s Park an unprecedented “infusion of provincial funding” came to Barrie – more than $500,000, of which more than half has been invested in health care, including the construction of the RVH expansion and cancer care centre, both of which are under construction.
“It was a highlight of my term to see the passing of the Barrie-Innisfil Boundary Adjustment Act, which laid out the expansion of the city’s southern boundary to accommodate current and future growth,” she said.
“I will continue to be active on the growth file and work on behalf of Barrie as the proposed Amendment to the Growth Plan moves forward to become law. Likewise, be assured of my continued commitment and determination to represent the people of Barrie over the next eight months.”
Carroll began her political career in 1995 as a city alderman. She was elected for the Liberals in the 1997 federal election, and again in 2000 and 2004. In the 2006 federal election, she was defeated by Conservative Patrick Brown, who says that the next Liberal candidate will face some steep hurdles.
“I think whomever the Liberals run in Barrie in the next election is irrelevant as most of Ontario is fed up with Premier Dalton Mcguinty. “I think the next election will see Rodney Jackson (Barrie PC candidate) elected by a significant margin. I think Rodney will be an excellent MPP who will help Tim Hudak become a great premier for Ontario. It is time for change in Ontario and I think Aileen recognized that.”
Carroll entered provincial politics in 2007, defeating incumbent Joe Tascona. By doing so, she has served at all three levels of government – municipal, provincial, federal.
When elected in 1997, she became the first Liberal to represent the city federally since the Second World War. She was Barrie’s first, and only, federal cabinet minister. As well, she was the first former federal cabinet minister to be elected to the Ontario Legislature.
Carroll says she has no plan to run for elected office, and plans on retiring after the October provincial election.

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