Barrie’s integrity office receives ‘unprecedented’ number of complaints for two-month period

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The City’s integrity office received an unprecedentedly “high number of complaints” for a two-month period, from May to July, Integrity Commissioner Suzanne Craig reported to council.
During that time, 15 complaints were received.
An investigation of a complaint by the integrity office is aimed at discovering “facts upon which to make a decision on whether a (member of council) has contravened the Code rules,” she writes, adding that if it is found that a member has contravened the rules, “an appropriate penalty or remedial actions is recommended.”
The commissioner writes that some complaints couldn’t be addressed as they were filed anonymously, while other complaints raised matters better addressed bundled in one investigation. Other complaints were dismissed due to lack of grounds for an investigation.
“Based on the status of the current Code complaints, I anticipate that the outstanding reports will be tabled” at the October 28 council meeting, she concludes.