Barrie’s fire hydrants receive a flushing

If you see water pouring out of a fire hydrant near your locale, don’t worry. It hasn’t sprung a leak.
The City is performing water main flushing at just over 1,800 hydrant locations throughout the north end, with the aouthern borders of the work area being Edgehill Drive, Wellington St West, and Blake Street respectively for the next six to eight weeks. City limits to the north, east and west complete the boundary of the work area for this program.
The purpose of system flushing is to remove sediment that builds up in water mains over time. This sediment is derived from minerals naturally occurring in the water and doesn’t pose a health risk. Controlled flushing through fire hydrants creates a scouring effect and allows for the removal of this buildup. Residents can expect to see crews working on and around fire hydrants, as well as flowing water from hydrants in these areas.
In addition to witnessing crews flowing water at fire hydrants, residents and businesses may experience some water discoloration for short durations as flushing crews move through their work areas. In those instances these guidelines should be followed:
• Turn on a cold water tap and let the water run for a few minutes.
• Do not choose a tap that has a water filter connected to it, or the sediment may clog your filter.
• Do not use a hot water tap because it could draw sediment into your hot water tank.
• Catch some water in a light-colored cup or container to see if it is clear. Proceed to use the water if it is clear. If the water doesn’t clear in five minutes, wait 10 minutes and try again.
Apartment property managers, landlords and business operators should follow these steps:
• Turn on a cold water tap near the water shut off valve (e.g. a tap in the mop sink in the maintenance room) and let the water run for a few minutes to clear up.
• Catch some water in a light-colored cup or container to see if it is clear.
If the water is cloudy it’s because air captured in the water makes tiny bubbles. These bubbles are harmless and will disappear if the water sits for a few minutes. Drinking cloudy water should not be harmful, however, it may not smell, taste, or look pleasant. If water is still cloudy after two to three hours, call the City of Barrie at 705-739-4220 ext. 4805 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or 705-739-4255 after hours.
The City will be monitoring the water clarity and chlorine residual in the water mains. For more information about Water Services, visit