Barrie Transit rolls out ‘faster and more frequent’ bus services

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Barrie Transit is improving routes across the system by providing faster and more frequent services for riders. The changes took effect on Sunday, August 25, and are being made with no additional operating or capital costs. 
“We’ve experienced significant ridership growth in recent years,” said Brent Forsyth, Director of Transit. “Since the implementation of the Georgian College Universal Pass in September 2018, Barrie Transit has seen a 36 per cent increase in ridership. In response to this demand, our staff worked hard to identify a cost-neutral route plan that will enhance the service.”
The updated routes were designed using ridership and real-time bus tracking data collected through the onboard automated passenger counters. The route plan provides improved service to an area of the City where Barrie’s buses are frequently at maximum capacity. The expanded Route 100 Blue & Red Express (previously Georgian Express) will operate with peak frequency of 22 minutes. The changes will also optimize routing in other areas of the City by offering improved connections and reduced travel times.
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