Barrie man told to remove boa constrictors

A Barrie man has been charged with ‘harbor exotic animals’ after two Red Tail Boa Constrictors were discovered at his apartment on Worsely Street, police report.
Barrie police officers assisted bylaw enforcement officers today (Wednesday). The owner of the snakes had received notice from the City that the snakes would have to be removed, giving him 30 days to do so. Upon further investigation, it was found the snakes had not been removed, precipitating the charge, police report.
The charge carries a monetary fine. The owner was given another seven days to remove the snakes. Two children under the age of five were present in the apartment and as a result the Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society was notified, police report.
According to online sources, a full grown boa constrictor can live 25-30 years, reaching eight to 10 feet in length, and weighing as much as 50 pounds.

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