Barrie man held for bail

Drinking, arguing, fighting and then returning to the scene turned out to be poor choices for a local man.
Police report that a man, 21, went to a residence and became involved in a dispute with several other parties, all known to each other. They had been drinking and the argument escalated to the point where one male assaulted several others then fled the residence.
He returned and entered the residence though he was unwelcome, and wouldn’t leave. He assaulted one of the occupants and caused some damage to property inside the residence, before leaving.
Officers located the suspect at his residence and he was arrested.The victims were treated at RVH after received bruising and swelling to the facial area.
The male charged with three counts of Assault, Unlawfully in a dwelling, Mischief and Failing to comply with probation. He was held in custody for a bail hearing.
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