Barrie fire earns kudos for safety programs

Barrie’s fire department has earned praise and recognition for its efforts to educate the public on fire safety.
The Barrie Fire and Emergency Service (BFES) was recently presented with the Bernard A. Moyle Public Education Award for its initiatives to save lives and property; the award was presented at the Public Fire and Life Safety Educator’s Conference, and notes the department’s partnership with TVOKids on fire safety.
“I am thrilled to accept this award on behalf of the BFES,” said Barrie Fire Chief John Lynn. “Children are one of the most important audiences when it comes to fire safety education and working with TVOKids allows us to talk to kids directly right in their homes.”
The department has been working with TVOKids since 2009 to produce fire safety skits, videos and programming designed to educate young children about the risks of using matches and lighters, the importance of Stop, Drop, and Roll and home fire escape planning.
Currently, the department and TVOKids are teaming up to raise awareness about testing smoke alarms through the ‘Push the Button!’ campaign. Kids can ‘push the button’ with their parents help to make sure the smoke alarm beeps and then go to to put in how many buttons they pushed to check their smoke alarms. The number will be added to TVOKids’ ‘Push the Button!’ counter. Three two-week campaigns have resulted in more than 56,000 smoke alarms being tested.
The award received by the department was created as a tribute to retired Fire Marshal Bernard A. Moyle, in recognition of his 16 years of service as Fire Marshal of Ontario, from 1990 to 2006.

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