Barrie deals with high rate of opioid related overdose deaths: police annual report

The report also reveals the busiest day for 911 calls. It’s Sunday, with the busiest month being July.

Barrie has a high rate of opioid related overdose deaths compared to other parts of Ontario, according to the Barrie Police Service’s 2017 annual report.
“The law enforcement community is no stranger to the opioid problem as heroin, OxyContin, and other opioid based drugs have been around for decades. The appetite for pharmaceuticals in Canada has grown exponentially, with Canada ranking as the second largest per capita consumer of pharmaceuticalopioids (after the United States),” states the report.
“Simcoe Muskoka, and in particular Barrie, have a high rate of opioid related overdoses and overdose deaths as compared to other parts of (Ontario). As a result, the Barrie Police Service has been an active member in both the Barrie Drug Awareness Partnership (BDAP) and the Simcoe Muskoka Opioid Strategy (SMOS) in an effort to continue community collaboration to address the Opioid Crisis. We also sit as an advisor on the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit – Harm Reduction Advisory,” states the report.
According to the report, police dealt with 59 submissions suspected to be fentanyl. Of those, 41 samples were sent to Health Canada for analysis with 19 per cent found to contain fentanyl. Last year police seized property valued at $138,863 and $1,108,295 in drugs. Police dealt with 3,323 property crimes, three homicides, 1,312 violent crimes, 3,833 motor vehicle collision reports, but no traffic fatalities, and 10,424 police criminal record checks.
Over the course of the year, 69 RIDE programs were conducted, involving 247 officers and 13,584 stopped vehicles. Five motorists were charged with impaired driving by alcohol, and five with impaired driving by drug. The police service received 63,713 calls for service, including 14,172 criminal calls.
The report also reveals the busiest day for 911 calls. It’s Sunday, with the busiest month being July.
Under the heading ‘Most Serious Offence Description,’ break and enters come in at 442, theft over $5,000 stands at 71, theft under $5,000 at 1,630, possession of stolen property at 251, fraud at 498 and arson (disregard for human life) at 10. Police responded to 667 overall assaults, 105 of which were sexual assaults.
Total net expenditures for 2017 came in at 54,553,632, of which 52,864,308 was related to salaries, benefits and operating expenditures.
Construction of the Barrie Simcoe Emergency Services Campus began in late 2017, with completion anticipated in the spring of 2020. When built, the campus at 110 Fairview Road, will accommodate the police service, the Barrie Fire and Emergency Services Communication Centre, and will be a logistics hub for the County of Simcoe Paramedic Services.
“The realization of a new centralized police facility will create efficiencies, which will ensure the Barrie Police Service can accomplish our core functions in carrying out our mission to provide professional, accountable and sustainable police services. The campus approach also allows all three services to work in unison to provide programming and services to our community with efficiency while being economically responsible.”
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