Allandale station on council agenda

Now that general committee and city council agendas have been moved to alternating weeks, Monday nights are turning out to be light work for councillors and city staff.
Until recently, last week in fact, general committee and council met on the same Monday night, with council ratifying the decisions committee made the week before. As one of his first moves as the city’s new mayor, Jeff Lehman reorganized council committees, how they work and meet, with the upshot being that council and general committee no longer meet on the same night.
Last Monday, for instance viewers tuning into Cable 10 to watch the 8 p.m. committee meeting, following the 7 p.m. council meeting, would have found another program on air. This Monday should be an early night as well, with some bylaws to be ratified, two presentations and two open delegations on the agenda.
Presentations are: council will be given an update by RVH personnel on the progress of the hospital expansion; representatives of the Allandale Neighbourhood Association will provide input into the Allandale Train Station and the naming of the GO station that is being constructed there.
Two general committee reports are up for ratification: 1) last Monday’s dealing with, among other things, the design details of the Sunnidale Reservoir and Pumping Station, and a traffic-calming policy; 2) the chat the integrity commissioner had with council on Wednesday night.
In open delegation, Peter Bursztyn, co-chair of the Barrie WindCatchers, will discuss a proposal to place a two megawatt wind turbine at the Sandy Hollow landfill site. The other delegation will be by Ray Demiray of the Barrie Community Tennis Club, concerning a proposed winter tennis facility.
For council agenda, click here.

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