911 isn’t a chat line

A Barrie man spent a night in jail hopefully pondering the real purpose of the 911 line.
The man, 58, in a drunken state had called 911 three times. He was told the line was strictly for emergencies, but he continued to call. Police took him into custody, giving him a night in a holding cell to sober up and consider his action. He was subsequently released without charges.

In other police news:

Follow the rules

A failure to follow a probation order landed a youth in hot water, Tuesday night.
Police were called to a north-end residence about the youth, who had been charged with several criminal offences, for which he was placed on probation. One of his conditions was to obey the rules of the home.
On this night, he refused to cooperate and was ignoring all the rules. Police were called and he was breached on the Probation Order. The youth was held in custody overnight for a bail hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

Scooting off to jail

A man trying to operate his scooter while intoxicated, spent the night in jail after being picked up by police.
The man was spotted by downtown officers early Wednesday morning. It became obvious to the officers he had too much to drink. He was taken into custody and given time to sober up. His scooter was impounded for the night.

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