Police seize grow-op equipment

Barrie Police continue in bust-grow-op mode.
Monday night, drug officers pulled over a car on Mapleview that had a connection to the Saturday drug bust on Cartwright Drive. The driver was arrested with equipment in his ride that had been removed from another grow-op that had been shut down.
The search merited a search warrant for a house on Madelaine Drive, approaching Yonge Street off Mapleview. That search yielded more harvested marijuana, and remnants of several marijuana plants. Officers say the grow-op, if it had fully flowered, would have produced lots more than 1,000 plants.

In other police news:

Sally Ann ransacked

Somebody has no respect, even for charitable organizations. Those who keep the Salvation Army branch on Lillian Avenue near Cundles and Sunnidale Road found that out when vandals spray-painted the place and even tore shingles off the roof.
Whoever it was got away clean, and officers are looking for him, her or them.

Pedestrian injured

A woman was treated at RVH after being struck by a car early Monday morning. Police were called soon after 5:30 a.m. to Livingstone and Bayfield Street where they found her on the curb and conscious.
Her injuries were regarded as not life-threatening. Officers are looking into the mishap. No word if the vehicle stuck around.

Dude, where’s my car?

A life lesson for a resident of Aldergrove Circle: don’t leave valuables in your car overnight, for it makes the conveyance a sitting duck for possible thieves.
Police were called to the house in the Cundles-Bayfield area, to find that the 2004 Honda Civic had been spirited out of the driveway, valuables and all. No bead on suspects just yet.

by Glenn Wilkins

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