Water cleared for drinking as advisory lifted

The boil water advisory for the Yonge Street, Big Bay Point Road area has been lifted, as test results have confirmed that the water is free from contamination and is now safe to drink.
As a precaution, residents and businesses in the affected area should take the following steps to make sure their water lines and appliances are flushed.
• Run all cold faucets for a minimum of five minutes. If the water does not run clear after five minutes contact the City of Barrie Water Operations Branch at 705-792-7920 (www.barrie.ca/waterservices)
• Run drinking water fountains and plumbed household water coolers for a minimum of five minutes
• Run all water softeners through a regeneration cycle
• Reverse Osmosis (RO) units: Replace pre-filters and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
• Replace other water filters, as they are disposable and may be contaminated. This applies especially to carbon filters and others that are near the end of their life
• Flush, clean and sanitize appliances with water line connections (e.g., fridges with water and ice dispensers) following the manufacturer’s instructions
• Drain and refill hot water heaters set below 45°C (113°F). Normal setting is 60°C (140°F)
• Drain and flush all ice-making machines and soda fountain machines      
• Dispose of any ice made since Friday April 5
• Large-volume users (for example, restaurants, retirement homes and schools) may need to run cold water taps for a longer period of time on first use, to ensure the water is not cloudy.
Any facilities that were closed as a result of the advisory can now reopen after taking the necessary precautions. For more information, please visit the website www.simcoemuskokahealth.org.