Polls open for Monday’s election

Advance voting for the Monday, Oct. 25 municipal election begins today (Wednesday) at various locations around the city.
Electors can vote from now through Monday from 2-8 p.m. – Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Click here for voting locations.
To find out if you are on the voters’ list, click here to access that information, which can be changed be completing an Application to Change the Voters’ List. Even if you are not on the list, you can still vote by providing an acceptable piece if identification at one of the voting locations.
This election has attracted a large number of candidates. Click here for candidate information. The city has also posted responses to frequently asked questions. Click here to access that information.
As in previous elections, the city is using touch-screen voting terminals. A video on how to use the screen has been posted to the city’s website – click here to see the video, and for instructions on how to use a terminal.
Candidates are still out canvassing their wards for support, and are looking ahead to the results of the election, thanking their supporters.

Ward 7 councillor John Brassard

“I would like to thank everyone for your support throughout the campaign … I am truly grateful,” said Ward 7 candidate, and incumbent, John Brassard. “I will still be out canvassing on selected streets over the next few days right up until the final election day.”
There are eight candidates for mayor, a far cry from previous elections where the call to office went unanswered and unheeded by all but the most committed few. The eight candidates for mayor are: Harry Ahmed, Dave Aspden, Rob Hamilton, Carl Hauck, Jeff R. Lehman, Mike Ramsay, Darren A. Roskam, Joe Tascona.
As well as the eight candidates standing for mayor, 35 residents are running for councillor in the city’s 10 wards. They are:
Bonnie J. Ainsworth, Kevin T. Richards in Ward 1;
Matt Dean, Rose Romita, Lynn M. Strachan in Ward 2;
Rodney G. Jackson, Doug Shipley in Ward 3;
Leonard Bugeja, Patrick C. Hebert, Barry J. Ward in Ward 4;
Patricia B. Copeland, James R. Palmer, Peter Silveira, Peter M. Rose, Michael J. Tuck, Cory W. Watkins in Ward 5;
• Martin S. Carlisle, Michael Prowse in Ward 6;
John Brassard, Steven Mallon, Peter Tymciw, Jeffrey C. Waye in Ward 7;
Alison Eadie, Ghulam Jilani, Don T. W. MacNeil, Don W. McLaurin, Jennifer Robinson, John S. Webb in Ward 8;
Paolo Fabrizio, David R. Hardwick, Brian H. Jackson, Andrew J. Prince in Ward 9;
Michael Fernandes, Alexander M.C.W. Nuttall, Alex Shevchenko in Ward 10.

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