Have your say on possible Barrie casino

To roll the dice or not to roll the dice – that’s the question the City wants residents to consider.
With the province indicating the possibility of new casinos, the City of Barrie is tossing its hat into the ring, but wants input from the local populace first. Actually, input is required before any decisions can be made.
It’s anticipated that a casino in downtown Barrie would be a factor in the construction of the long-desired hotel/convention/conference centre identified as a key component in downtown revitalization. A number of proposals that included a gambling component have risen and fallen over the years, with council and residents saying no to gambling within city boundaries.
Residents can provide input online, by mail, email or in person. As well, the City’s website will have background info on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s (OLG) process for public review, and a feedback form. Also, accessing the City’s Facebook and Twitter profiles will allow residents to take part in the online discussion.
If mailing comments, send them to Barrie City Hall, Attention: Communications and Strategic Initiatives Department, 70 Collier Street, PO Box 400, Barrie, Ontario L4M 4T5. Comments can be emailed to communications@barrie.ca. If residents wish to provide comments in person, they can offer feedback verbally to general committee members through an open delegation, and/or by submission of a paper feedback form available at the meeting, on Thursday, Dec. 13th, council chambers, 7– 9 p.m.
For more information contact the Communications and Strategic Initiatives Department at communications@barrie.ca.

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