VOTE 2011 – Greens challenge parties to go positive

Green Party candidate Erich Jacoby-Hawkins calls for common ground on employment and education for youth

Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Green Party candidate for Barrie, says Canadians deserve positive messages from those seeking elected office, and is challenging his competitors to create a better atmosphere during the election.
Throughout the first week of the campaign, the Green Party will float an issue on which all parties should be able to find common ground, it said in a release.
“For the fourth time in seven years, Canada finds itself in a federal election. I know that Canadians feel this is an unnecessary use of taxpayers’ money and they are sick of the mud-slinging and the personal attacks. We are saying, let’s try to engage the voters. Let’s try to show them that, once in a while, we can agree on important policy issues,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.
First off the mark for the Greens is a proposal that Canada needs a nation-wide employment and education initiative for youth.
“Surely all the parties can agree that providing employment and education for youth needs to be a priority. Recessions hit youth the hardest. They are continually caught in a cycle of not yet having the skills or experience to be competitive, but not being able to gain these skills and experience without a job,” said May.
“It is a critical phase of their lives and it is a worthwhile investment to create a generation that is fully participating and contributing both economically and socially.”
Jacoby-Hawkins noted Barrie has its own youth issues.
“Our youth already face uncertainty around school closures, while our rapid population growth crowds local job markets,” he said. “If we can ensure they get a good start in the world of work, we can prepare them for a full role in Canada’s future prosperity.”
He said parties need to look for common ground.
“Show voters they are able to cooperate and work together with other parties, and agree Canada needs an investment in a nation-wide employment and education initiative for youth.”

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