Students encouraged to speak up

Students at elementary and secondary schools across Barrie will join peers throughout the public school board in ‘speaking out.
The Ministry of Education has put $24,000 on the table to support 35 student-led projects through the Student Voice/SpeakUp program, in which students connect real-life experiences with what is happening in the classroom.
Students work with a team, including a teacher facilitator, to submit the grant application to the ministry. If accepted, the students lead the project, with the team, to completion.
“These projects provide students the opportunity to take a lead role in contributing to a positive environment at their school,” says Steve Blake, superintendent of education, Simcoe County District School Board.
“In addition to providing a forum for students to address issues which are important to them, these projects offer an exceptional leadership opportunity for the entire project team.”
SpeakUp project grants are awarded to projects which offer students opportunities to:
• create more student-friendly and engaging school experiences;
• develop an understanding of what helps or hinders their own learning;
• develop stronger and more collaborative relationships with teachers;
• express themselves in creative ways
• make school relevant to their interests;
• connect learning with real world
• strengthen relationships with peers; and
• create leadership opportunities.

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