What’s in your trash? Inquiring minds want to know in support of circular economy

Information gleamed from the studies will instruct, guide, support and measure the success of the Circular Economy’s three areas of priority

What’s in your garbage? The City wants to know and has launched a program to find out.
The Waste Composition Studies program aims to “collect, sample, and analyze the makeup of garbage, recycling and organic waste associated with municipal collection services,” according to a recent staff memo to council. It’s all in aid of supporting the Circular Economy Approach to Waste Management for Barrie, which has three areas of priority:
• The protection of natural assets
• The preservation of landfill space
• Alignment and compliance with provincial full producer responsibility programs 
Information gleamed from the studies will “instruct, guide, support and measure the success of the Circular Economy’s three areas of priority,” says the memo.
The program is to be run over a two-week period this spring and fall, and again in 2023, with the first phase expected to begin in June. The City’s waste-study contractor will collect, transport and sort garbage, organic and recycling waste from 200 residential locations across Barrie.
The contractor “will collect waste from each of the selected residential locations using cube vans, trucks, and trailers. Signage will be posted on the driver and passenger side of each vehicle indicating that the contractor is working on behalf of the City of Barrie,” reads the memo.
Household not selected for the (study) will continue to have their waste collected by the City’s regular contractor. The resulting data and conclusions will assist with communication planning, as well as with the development of the future waste collection contract, says the memo