Speed control program picks up

Traffic-calming measures are proving to be a popular and effective tool at managing speeds in residential areas, so much so that the program is being expanded for 2013.
In a memo to council updating it on the status of the traffic-calming program, director of engineering Robert Kahle writes that city engineers have worked with councillors to determine locations for the measures, which can be either a speed cushion or a radar speed board.
Last year, a system of placing one speed cushion per roadway instead of two was implemented, with results showing one “effectively placed” measure near parks or schools, or “pedestrian generators,” to be useful in reducing speeds, writes Kahle.
“As the traffic-calming program is gaining acceptance by residents as an effective speed-control device, staff are receiving more requests for roadways to be calmed.”
The installation of the measures will commence in late May to accommodate road cleaning and maintenance.
Click here to read the full memo and where the measures will be implemented.

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