Tend to business, chamber urges

The Ontario government needs to take greater interest in the business of businesses, the province’s chamber of commerces, including the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, says.
The government needs to focus on creating winning conditions for Ontario businesses, the provincial chamber said in a statement released before last month’s budget. The submission detailed seven steps the government could take to grow the economy, including: reining in the provincial debt, reviewing methods of delivering public services, and seeking new export routes for Ontario’s products and services.
Getting the deficit and debt in order remains the top priority for Ontario businesses, says Allan O’Dette, president and CEO of the provincial chamber.
“Our provincial debt is approaching $300 billion. Interest payments on that debt represent the third highest area of program spending after health care and education.”
Helping to fill shortages in required skills should also be a top government priority, Queen’s Park is told.
“It’s shocking to find that 29 per cent of employers in Southwestern Ontario are having difficulty hiring someone with the right qualifications,” said Sybil Goruk, executive director of the Barrie chamber.
Click here to read the full submission.

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