Colton Home Care Products and BATH FITTER Barrie team up to provide mobility solutions

It’s no secret that the population is aging and as it does, people used to living in their own homes will continue to want to do so.
For most seniors, there will come a time when moving to a care centre becomes a matter of necessity, but given the proper supports there’s no reason why that move can’t be put off significantly.
Resources like Colton Home Care Products and BATH FITTER Barrie, where you will find accessibility and bathroom renovation solutions, are essential to keeping people in their own homes as long as possible. And for Colton owner Sue Cummings, helping seniors maintain their independence is a key business vision.
“That’s the goal of the store and some of the doctors I work with, to try and have seniors stay in their own homes as long as possible. The longer they can stay in their home, the better it is for everyone – for the healthcare system, for their peace of mind, and for their children having to deal with them, because a lot of seniors say, ‘ok I’ve been doing it like this for 50 years, why should I change now?’”
Keeping seniors at home as long as possible is part of a societal trend that connects wellness with the comfort of one’s own home.
“They want to be able to stay on their own, be independent and do what they want, when they want, and how they want for as long as they possibly can.”
Through the items available at Colton Home Care Products, and BATH FITTER that has a display at the store, seniors are able to convert their homes to address their mobility needs, and other issues related to aging.
“You can take a regular bathtub and turn it into a barrier-free and easy-access shower so that if someone can no longer lift their legs up and over the bath, and it’s hazardous for them to be getting in and out, BATH FITTER is a perfect fit for them.”
Colton’s is basically a home healthcare store, providing products to people with mobility issues. But it’s not just seniors who benefit from the store’s vision – anyone with mobility issues can find items at the store to improve their lifestyle.
The store also does a brisk rental business with hospital beds, walkers and other mobility aids. They also work with the Community Living Association of South Simcoe and local retirement homes, particularly the Kingsmere Retirement Suites.
“Any of the retirement homes here know that if one of their customers need something, all they have to do is call me and I will deliver it to them.”
A working relationship with BATH FITTER provides lots of benefits for both parties.
“They gave me a couple of displays to showcase my bathroom safety items, and in turn I showcase what they can do – I have an actual bathtub in the store that has been recovered by BATH FITTER, and I have a partial shower, a low-entry that’s good for someone in a wheelchair.”
The store also carries promotional material showcasing BATH FITTER products.
“And anytime anybody asks me where they can get something … I automatically say, ‘go to BATH FITTER, they’re the best,’” says Cummings.
Cummings has opera ted Colton Home Care Products for a year. It has been around for nine years, with the previous owner selling when it came time to retire. With a background in the service industry, she saw the store as a great opportunity to do something familiar while helping people.
It operates as a family business with her husband helping with deliveries and such.
“Once he retires the goal is for him to take a bigger role here. Right now, it’s the both of us and whoever has the free time does the servicing.”
Business partners, and pharmacy owners, Johnny Wong and Wing Kwan don’t work at the store but do assist with marketing.
Cummings says the store can be called a wellness centre, as the ultimate aim is to “help people feel better about themselves.”
The store operates under a stated motto and vision, which is “bringing function to life, one person at a time,” says Cummings.
“When I first started to take over Colton’s my view was that when somebody walked through the door, I didn’t see a dollar sign, I saw a person. I treat each person with dignity.”