TIFT takes Tales on the road, to Iqaluit

To celebrate its 15th Anniversary season, Talk Is Free Theatre (TIFT) is taking the show on the road – all the way to Iqaluit, Nunavut, where it will showcase its production of Tales of an Urban Indian.
When it first ran in 2009, Tales turned heads with it production, but also because it was performed on a moving city transit bus.
“The idea of performing Tales … on the bus initially came to us when we didn’t have a permanent home,” says Arkady Spivak, TIFT’s artistic producer. “The production has since developed a legacy of its own not only in Barrie, but now in remote communities that don’t have either a resident company nor even a theatre venue, where we continue to tour.”
The next stop, Iqaluit, is more than 2,000 kilometres from Barrie, in a “part of the country that couldn’t be more disparate from the urban centre in southern Ontario where TIFT calls home,” TIFT says in a release.
Written by Darrell Dennis (best known for his roles in such television series as Northwood and The Rez), Tales is a semi-autobiographical tale about a modern First Nations male and his life journey as he is transplanted from a reservation to downtown Vancouver, to Canada’s most northern capital city.
Talk Is Free Theatre’s production is directed again by Herbie Barnes. The role of Simon Douglas will be performed by Craig Lauzon, an actor and writer, widely known for Royal Canadian Air Farce.
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