TIFT takes Barrie theatre goers on a Curious Voyage

The Curious Voyage, billed as a three-day “immersive theatrical experience, spanning two continents,” is Talk is Free Theatre’s (TIFT) newest offering.
“This innovative project premiering a new performance genre called Audience Specific Theatre has garnered the … attention of London’s media outlets, including Times Out London and Stage, and a full front page in The Toronto Star entertainment section,” TIFT says in a release.
“Always pushing the boundaries with our theatre productions, The Curious Voyage immerses and envelopes you in the narrative, as you become the protagonist in your own story. It’s a most intimate global production, one that allows you to imagine the possibilities when you are open to allowing creativity back into your life.
The work is “built on the successful site-specific practice of director Mitchell Cushman and the Audience Specific work of director Daniele Bartolini. Both artists have come together to collaborate on this ambitious project. In this innovative, bold project spanning two continents, we blur the roles between audience and actors, observers and participants.
“Leveraging immersive theatre approaches and building on the narratives of the participants – be they patrons or actors – patrons will break out of traditional moulds and constraints to experience personal growth, reflection, even detox through theatre – so to speak. Central to The Curious Voyage’s immersive exploration is the idea of being a stranger to yourself and turning into someone completely different to whom you think you are.”
Limited tickets to the Barrie only component are still available on Nov. 1, 4, 6 or 8 only at www.tift.ca or by calling (705) 792-1949.