Local businesses catch onto cryptocurrency

April 13, 2018

The list of merchants across the globe accepting cryptocurrency at their place of business is growing daily, as customers and business owners alike are starting to see the benefit of cryptocurrency as a viable form of payment while breaking down barriers to growth.
Local businesses are catching on across Simcoe County.
Thanks to faster transaction speeds at cash and better fee structures averaging between $.02-$.15 cents, cryptocurrency adoption has become easier and even cheaper than standard payment gateways.
“We are always looking for a unique offerings to bring in new clients,” says Dean Jacksch of CARdocs in Barrie. “We’ve had a few new customers sign on because we accepted PIVX and a few more curious ones checking it out. Offering unique services that others do not, has always been a part of our strategy.”
Several other businesses having jumped on board including Public Relations agency Catalyst communications, web and graphic design firm Rhubarb Media, and architect firm 3Stones, all currently accepting the alternative coin PIVX as a form of payment from their clients and customers.
Accepting cryptocurrency gives the business owner and consumers more options: For CARdocs, the business can convert the total invoice into PIV at current market value and have the customer send PIV to a payment address with a click from their ‘wallet’. From there, the business has the option to exchange the PIV for Canadian dollars (or local fiat) or hold it as an investment.
When doing business globally there can be limitations with standard forms on online payment, as some companies are unable to support bank transfers from other countries. Cryptocurrencies allow merchants to setup a payment gateway that makes it possible to receive money from anywhere in the world in seconds without any third party interference.
Cryptocurrency allows for faster transfer speeds than other services and is often significantly cheaper, in the case of PIVX the cost is only $0.01 to transfer money. PIVX is completely private as well, which means the transaction cannot be tracked nor can the wallet address be used to see how much currency an individual holds. This level of privacy is important in a world where increasingly personal information is being sold or exposed.
Sean O’Reilly of 3stones Architecture began accepting PIVX this year.
“I believe people and businesses are looking for alternative methods of conducting business which is not affected by geopolitics,” he said. “Our research told us that PIVX is the most well-balanced, open and organized form of cryptocurrency.”
As a recent adopter O’Reilly is expecting great outcomes.
“While it’s still early for us, we have seen tremendous financial growth for the friends and businesses we know that have invested in cryptocurrency.”
For more information about PIVX, please visit www.pivx.org.

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